Hotel Triton
Hotel Triton
Piraeus, Tsamadou 8 street.
Postal Code: 18531
Tel.: +30 210 4173457, 8
Fax: +30 210 4177888
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Dear visitors,

For the Hotel Triton, the safety of the guests and its staff has a primary role for its perfect operation.

Therefore, based on the National Organization of Public Health, we observe meticulous hygiene measures such as:

  • Placement of certified hands’ disinfectant in all the areas of the hotel and mandatory use of our guests upon arrival at our hotel
  •  Thermal measurement of shift staff daily as well as visitors upon arrival
  • Continuous cleaning of common areas with disinfectants and frequent ventilation
  • Cleaning of fabric surfaces (e.g. furniture upholstery) with a steam appliance (temperature> 70.).
  • In the reception area there are:

       - Alcoholic hand cleaning solution
       - Antiseptic tissues
       - Simple surgical masks
       - disposable gloves
       - Disinfectant of keys before the customer

  • The preparation of breakfast is done in a sterile place according to hygiene rules
  • Breakfast is served exclusively by the waiter in the presence of the customer. We provide also free room service in case of needed.
  • Across the hotel there are information leaflets for covid-19 as well as precautions.
  • On the floor there are stickers stamping the distance of standing
  • All rooms are cleaned daily with ECOLAB disinfectants certified by the National Organization of Pharmacies while the room is general disinfection with a special steam device.
  • Decorative and additional items have been removed from all hotel rooms to avoid covid-19. Daily cleaning of rooms is prohibited by protocol.